Memphis Metal Museum

Tod Switch DSC_9948 S

Was in Memphis again to get some technical advice about oil sand  casting for my bronze work. In the past I have always used the ceramic shell, lost wax process. Now experimenting with oil sand, bonded sand and investment casting.

The current show in the gallery is well worth the trip. If you have never been to this Museum, you need to add it to your short list of things to see and do.

A hidden Gem!


Back to Work

The weather is what it should have been in London. Cold and wet.

Working on 5 new pieces using Walnut, Hickory, Bass, and Cherry along with the steel keyhole.

Might try using a laser to burn a design into the wood. On the computer doing layout this weekend.

Tod Switch Key wood s

Art Tour

Of course seeing as many museums as possible was the plan. Tate Britain, Tate Modern, John Soane, The Courtauld Gallery were some highlights.  Seeing Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s, Saint Martin-in-the-Fields, and Covent Garden during the holidays was special.

A little let down with Hyde Park, maybe to much anticipation.

As art goes we saw the good, the bad and the ugly.

Here is Richard Tuttle’s piece at the Tate Modern.

8th paper octagonal 1970


Tod Switch Tate s

Glasgow, Scotland for Christmas

We were very lucky, with most places closed we could really only drive around and see the scenery and we had great weather!

The Hunterian Art Gallery was open and we saw the works of  Charles Rennie Mackintosh (architect, designer, and artist)and his wife Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh (artist, designer). Their “Glasgow Style” may have influenced Frank Lloyd Wright and Gustav Klimt.

Then went to Helensburgh to see the Hill House that was one of Charles ‘s most famous homes he designed.

Tod Switch Hill House S


The Highlands Christmas Day

With the goal of heading up to Ft. Williams accomplished we had to head back to Glasgow and the scenic route was beautiful.

Tod Switch Scotland S

I did have a chance to taste a few whiskey’s and was surprised by the spicy, smokey, peat flavors of the Islay single malts. My favorite was the Highland Park 12 year old.

I also was the only one in our party that liked the Black Pudding and the Haggis. I credit the chef at the Blythswood Square Hotel.